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For 20 years, keyboardist, DJ and music producer Michael Mayeda has immersed himself in the vibrant music culture of Los Angeles making this entertainment melting pot his ultimate playground. Mayeda’s refined ear for music has opened his career up to projects beyond the studio.

From prime time radio and scoring Hollywood blockbusters, to headlining and residency in Las Vegas, Mayeda’s talent and adaptability knows no bounds. Boasting regular studio time with industry heavyweights including Lady Gaga, Sia, and Pittbull to name a few, Mayeda’s career has been nothing short of enviable, and he’s only just getting started.


In mid 2016, Mayeda recorded a short video as he played the keys and shared it on his social media channels. The response from industry professionals and music lovers alike was astounding, and the requests for more videos started pouring in. Along with requests, Mayeda began hearing from young producers all over the world with messages of admiration for his exceptional craft. Reaching thousands each week, Mayeda is humbled and inspired by the response his videos attract. What began as a creative outlet for Mayeda has now morphed into a full-blown passion project.

Mayeda’s appetite for creating meaningful, unique and relatable videos has been insatiable. Through these videos, Mayeda bridges the gap between the musicians who pour their passion into the sounds they create with the audience who are looking for a deeper connection with the music they love.